My 1st Musical Director Gig-VH1


You never know what your capable of until your put in a situation.  Pressure makes diamonds!!  I was able to put together this killing unit arrange the music and perform for TV in 1 day. As EZ as it sounds it takes a lot of work and preparation. Dealing with Stage plots, programming , input list, band, management, producer of show  and  artist request is a large task for some. Being in so many top bands and having great mentors have prepared me thus far but it’s not until you actually go through it yourself you get the full experience. Arranging the music and organizing bands is a piece of cake. I’ve been Doing that for the last 14 years shouts to @tastethestage. You don’t have to be an expert at everything but you have to understand of the bigger picture.  Once i understood the direction the artist wanted to go the job be came easier. Thank you to Russel taylor for the opportunity . Check out his video war of hearts .