Harry Belafonte

I had the pleasure of working with legendary singer song writer/ actor Harry Belafonte! What an experience !!! I was excited and nervous at the same time. The room was full of some elite musicians and camera crew. The session starts and Mr Belafonte asked us all the to play the song together; mind you we were all just learning the record. He gives no expression. Then he says “I want to hear each instrument individually stating with the bass.” I’m shitting bricks… But at least he knows you can’t go to the top with out the bottom!! Mr Belafonte gave no direction on how to approach the record so I say when in doubt keep it simple. I play the 1st pass through, the musicians in the room are feeling it, but Mr Belafonte gives no expression. Here goes the 2nd pass… I go in a different direction with more of things I heard recorded on his records along with my style of play. Still no reaction, not even a foot tap. Finally I stop the session and say “mr Belafonte what is it that your looking for ?? Could you possibly sing a bass line for me?” He says I love everything your doing, continue. It was a relief for me. They were filming the session for some TV show/Documentary¬†with cameras in my face but I did a good job. Now that’s pressure!

At the end of the session I was able to sit down and ask MR Belafonte some questions. Came out a little dark but you’ll get the vibe.